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Alchemy is a crafting skill that takes various ingredients called reagents and mixes them together to transform these reagents into other matter entirely. Its very name means "Art of Transformation" and this art has ties to the Transformation Purpose. Sometimes looked down on by Chemists and other Scientists, Alchemy is sometimes hailed as the precursor to the scientific method because of its basis in experimentation. At its most basic level, alchemy provides simple potions, tonics, tinctures, and concoctions that while not strictly magical in nature can mimic lesser-powered spells.

However, Alchemy can be used beyond the simple and natural. Combined with magic, Alchemy can delay effects of spells indefinitely or do some truly potent things.

Untrained: This skill may not be used untrained and will likely result in major failure if attempted.

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The process of learning how to craft alchemical recipes requires a prospective alchemist to study with a trainer for three weeks. During this time, the trainer will provide notes, guided experiments, and eventually practical problems for their student to solve to determine if they are fit to be an alchemist. At the end of these three weeks, the Player rolls the Basic Crafting Skill. If the roll is a 20 or higher, they gain the Craft: Alchemy Skill and may begin mixing alchemical recipes. If the roll fails, they must work for another three weeks. If the roll is less than a 15, they must find a new trainer as their current trainer will consider them a lost cause in most cases. This skill may be taken at Character Creation if the roll is sufficiently high enough and the three weeks is considered part of their backstory.

Kind Bonuses: Echtinik, Feldae, Meliai, Phymorians, and Goblins begin with +2 TP upon taking this skill.

Active Roll[edit]

The Active skill roll for the Craft: Alchemy Skill is compared to the DS of whatever the alchemist is attempting to make if working with a known recipe. See the chart below for a sample of known recipes. The GM should feel free to expand this list along with the players, especially through experimentation.

For creating magical potions or new recipes, see the Economics Encyclopedia - Chapter 2.

Reroll: No rerolling for a specific attempt is allowed. A failed roll means the reagents are consumed or made useless during the process. A new roll may be tried with fresh reagents.

Alchemical Recipes[edit]

The following recipes are beginner recipes to get the alchemist started and perhaps a few more powerful options for advanced users. The purpose of this chart is to give the GM and Players a starting point for this craft to enable them to build their own recipes as the Alchemist grows more skilled.

Recipe Description Base Reagents Trigger Main Process DS
Adgut Causes vomiting and diarrhea to violently purge the body Water Bitterwraith stem Mercury weed Ceration 15
Alchemical Fire Causes a minor fire-based explosion - 1dmg/5 rolled; ignites flammables Rubbing alcohol Starflower petals, Hollywrath Aetherpine sap Distillation 20
Alchemical Acid Minor acid-based explosion - 1dmg/5 rolled; 1dmg/turn per 10 rolled Water Caustic lime Hollywrath Titration 20
Alchemist's Spectacles Crystal glasses that aid in Alchemy and Appraisal Skill +1/10 rolled Sand Diamond Dust, Oil Pink salt Albedo 35
Alkahest Universal solvent that dissolves most any inorganic solid not a basic chemical element - 20min - 1min/5 rolled Ether Caustic lime Potash Distillation 50
Alkahane Universal solvent that dissolves most basic chemical element solids including glass. Water Pyrogen, fluxogen Coal flakes Titration 50
Antidote Cures natural poisons - for every 1 under, cure takes 1 minute longer to activate; preventative adds +1 to Resistance/5 rolled Water Purple Thistle Snake Venom Fusion 20
Antipetrification Prevents Petrification status for a few minutes - effect lasts for 1 minute for every 1 rolled over 35. Black or grey clay Basilisk blood, rock cobra venom Quartz powder Mechanosynthesis 35
Hydro Animo Boosts INT for a few Rounds - +1/10 rolled; lasts 1 Turn/5 rolled above 25 Water Mindsong pollen, distilled white mice neurotransmitters Albedo spark Albedo 25
Hydro Corpus Boosts CON for a few Rounds - +1/10 rolled; lasts 1 Turn/5 rolled above 25 Water Corpus Lily leaves, crushed pig's intestine Albedo spark Albedo 25
Hydro Fortis Boosts STR for a few Rounds - +1/10 rolled; lasts 1 Turn/5 rolled above 25 Water Corpus Lily stem, crushed ants Albedo spark Albedo 25
Hydro Kinotos Boosts AGL for a few Rounds - +1/10 rolled; lasts 1 Turn/5 rolled above 25 Water Corpus Lily pollen, crushed flies Albedo spark Albedo 25
Hydro Beatis Boosts BEA for a few Rounds - +1/10 rolled; lasts 1 Turn/5 rolled above 25 Water Corpus Lily petals, crushed flutterbies Albedo spark Albedo 25
Hydro Ennoia Boosts PRC for a few Rounds - +1/10 rolled; lasts 1 Turn/5 rolled above 25 Water Mindsong stamen, owl eyes Albedo spark Albedo 25
Hydro Atomikotis Boosts PRS for a few Rounds - +1/10 rolled; lasts 1 Turn/5 rolled above 25 Water Sunflower pollen, parrot beak Albedo spark Albedo 25
Hydro Sophis Boosts WIS for a few Rounds - +1/10 rolled; lasts 1 Turn/5 rolled above 25 Water Indigo Aster pollen, fox headfur Albedo spark Albedo 25
Hydro Pneumatikos Boosts SPI for a few Rounds - +1/10 rolled; lasts 1 Turn/5 rolled above 25 Water Soul Bromeliad, ectoplasm Albedo spark Albedo 25
Hydro Vitae Healing potion - heals 1 LIFE/5 rolled above 18 Honey Corpus Lily (whole), dried earthworm or echinoderm powder Rum Titration 18
Arcanum Corallinum Cures minor diseases - Quality must be greater than DS Whiskey or other strong drink Chamomille petals, thyme leaves Garlic oil Ceration 23
Arcanum Duplicatum Used for weight loss - lose 1 lb/5 rolled above 27 within 1 month; does not overlap with other weight loss Tea (green, black, white) Hydro Corpus, pepper Ginseng Ceration 27
Arcanum Joviale Stops seizures, calms spasms, transmutes bile into harmless waste Citrus Rum Hydro Corpus, chamomille Musculium (Magnesium) Sulfaete Citronitus 25
Ardent Spirit Used as an igniting agent 21
Azoth Cures any natural disease 40
Borath Used in eldritch ceremonies 18
Bezoardicum Component in Transformation Spells 22
Cadmia Component in Voidmancy Spells; dessicates cancers, ulcers, and other growths 27
Caput Mortuum Component in Voidmancy Spells crushed mummy 24
Chalcanthum Used in blue, red, and green pigments; these pigments can provide a barrier to lesser incorporeal beings nekoril 22
Charm Potion When drank, charms imbiber under the control of the first person they see. 31
Chrusilite Pure, clear chursil produced from lesser metals 60
Clingamut Allows climbing and clinging to most surfaces for a few minutes Spider Silk 26
Elixir of Life Grants immortality and immunity to aging. Philosopher's Stone 100
Frictex Alchemical grease-like substance used to make surfaces slippery 24
Ghostheart grants Astral Caster and intangible Status for up to a few minutes; increases SPI for a day 42
Gigglewine Causes uncontrollable fits of giggling for up to a few minutes; increases PRS for a day 42
Greater Alchemical Fire Major fire-based explosion 40
Greater Alchemical Acid Major acid-based explosion 40
Iliaster Component in golem creation and Body and Soul spells. 37
Invisibility Potion imbiber cannot be seen including worn or carried equipment Ghostwillow leaves 55
Lithos Utcarnes Removes any Petrification status 42
Love Potion #1-8 Causes mild to major infatuation or chemical attraction to the first being of the opposite sex seen after imbibing; warning, do NOT drink #9! 1d10 DS to resist per #. 15+5 per #
Mintwash Dissolves plaque, whitens teeth, kills bad flora and fauna in the mouth and throat, makes breath minty fresh Mintweed, alchohol, water, maplesong leaf 15
Mosaic Chrusil chrusilian pigment used as a bronze finish and as a component in infertility remedies chrusil 23
The Net purple alloy of metal; used to trap spirits 47
Oil of Brick slows cancer; cures physiological brain disorders like palsies and epilepsy brick, olive oil 29
Oil of Impact wiped onto bludgeoning weapons; increases bludgeoning damage 30
Oil of Knockback wiped onto weapons; causes knockback 32
Oil of Piercing wiped onto piercing weapons; increases damage from piercing attacks 30
Oil of Sharpness wiped onto slashing weapons; increases damage from slashing attacks 30
Oil, Spectrum grants a Spectrum identity to weapons; does not increase damage or ability to hit 28
Panacea Cures all diseases, poisons, and status ailments of any kind. 80
Pertrification Causes full Petrification status to target if target is splashed with or imbibes 48
Philosopher's Stone white stone that is used as a focus in most high level Transformation spells and as a component in the Elixir of Life 75
Pook's Sweat Grants increase in SPD for the rest of the day 57
Potion of Freshwater Breathing Allows imbiber to breathe in freshwater for a time
Potion of Saltwater Breathing Allows imbiber to breathe in saltwater for a time
Primal Dust Dust created from used world shards; used as a component in minor spells depending on the spectrum the shard is associated with
Ru's Sweat Grants increase in AGL for the rest of the day
Scent Mask
Silence Bomb
Skill Enhancer Adds +5 to a single Specialized Skill
Sleep Draught A drinkable potion that provides dreamless, restorative sleep
Sleep Gas An explosive potion that produces a gas that will put animals, and those with low defense against Chemistry to sleep; lasts until damage is dealt or until remedy is supplied
Smelling Salts wakes sleeping people; removes Unconscious status
Spectrum Resistance provides temporary increase in resistance against a particular Spectrum of magic
Spider Silk used as a reagent in Fauna spells, Aid, and Summon Purposes
Spagyric heals Phymorians, major plant growth, component in Flora spells
Sol Album (Whitesun) component in Order, Soul, and Time spells
Sol Caeruleum (Bluesun) component in Arcane, Mind, Water, and Electromagnetic spells
Sol Flavo (Yellowsun) component in Air, Nuclear, Eldritch, and Illusion spells
Sol Mavros (Blacksun) used in Earth, Gravity, Void, and Defense spells
Sol Rubrum (Redsun) Used in Fire, Nuclear, Chaos, and Attack spells
Sol Virdis (Greensun) component in Movement, Flora, and Fauna spells
Tears of Addiyr Boosts WIS for a few Rounds.
Tears of Niaaca Boosts BEA for a few Rounds.
Verdigris anti-fungal; sickens Phymorians
Vitality Potion Removes Fatigued and Tired statuses; Makes Exhausted Fatigued; wakes those sleeping from Sleep Gas or Sleep Potion
Vitalilty Potion, Greater Removes Exhaustion, Tired, Fatigued, Unconscious, Paralyzed (unless Petrified), Stunned, and Swoon status; grants Stable status
Water, Purified Considered free of all foreign substances; water only Distillation 15

Alchemical Processes[edit]

Adsorption - the removal of chemicals from a gas by means of condensation on a surface or filter

Albedo - whitening, purification, the burning of impurity

Calcination - crushing and roasting a substance to remove certain components

Ceration - adding liquid to a substance in stages while you heat it, tends to make substance softer and waxier

Chromatography - using filters to separate and analyze the components of a solution or chemical

Chrusipoeia - transmuting into chrusil

Citrinitas - yellowing, spiritualization and enlightenment

Congelation - causing something to congeal or become more viscous

Cupellation - heating process by which noble metals (chrusil and arguril) are extracted from ores and alloys

Distillation - separating liquids by boiling them

Fusion - not typically in the modern physics "nuclear fusion" sense, but more likely just melting things together

Fixation - process by which a volatile substance is made to be resistant or immune to fire

Lerono - blackening, corruption and dissolution

Mechanosynthesis - the process of causing two or more solid substances to chemically react by crushing, rubbing, or mashing them together

Rubedo - reddening, unification, and communion with immortals

Sublimation - turning a solid into a gas without going to liquid stage first. Also can refer to boiling or vaporizing something, then cooling it quickly to resolidify.

Titration - process of adding a liquid to a solution drop by drop until a visible reaction or desired outcome is achieved

Vegetation of Metal - experiments where crystals or metals are "grown" in solution like a plant.

Common Reagents[edit]


Barka Root



Caustic Lime

Corpus Lily

Dawnstar Lily

Deep Oak Seed



Flux Violet

Ghostwillow Leaves

Gorecreeper Roots

Holly Wrath

Iceshaver Vine

Maplesong Leaves

Mercury Weed




Perriwrinkle Thorn

Pholug Nettle



Soul Bromeliad

Starflower Petals

Starflower Seeds

Tucolo Pollen

Water, Pure

Alchemical Equipment[edit]

  • Mortar and Pestal - small ceramic bowl with ceramic rod used to crush materials
  • Portable Alchemists Lab - contains a few items for Alchemical Processes out in the field; contains a flask, beaker, lighter, small burner, six test tubes, a small centrifuge (2 tubes only), and a clay tablet that runes can be inscribed in and erased
  • Evangiel's Flask - impervious to all acids or other Chemical and Alchemical reactions
  • Sealed Pouch - pouch for carrying volatile dry reagents, sealed against water and other liquid permation
  • Acari - tiny electric mites born out of electrical experiments
  • Books, scrolls, and papers - full of formulas, coded formulas, and observations on experiments. Such notebooks are often written in the Alchemist Code (Language) code. Recent notes may also take the form of chalkboards or wax tablets. One of the founding books of the alchemical art is The Ruby Tablet aka The Secret of Halai.
  • Rune Compendium for all Spectra and Purposes
  • The Chrusilpedia of Cloepteris is an alchemical text from pre-Sundering Invarine.
  • The Musaeum Halaiticum is a 1600s compilation of many earlier alchemical writings.
  • Canary or other small animal in a cage. Like a Canary In A Coal Mine, this may give you a warning of the emission of toxic gas before the concentration level is at a lethal dose.
  • Centrifuge (manually-operated via crank or kick-operated like a potters wheel)
  • Charcoal Biscuits, to aid in minor cases of ingestion of toxic chemicals.
  • Crucible (clay bowls to hold items being heated in the furnace) and similar items:
  • Aludel - A series of stacked or nested ceramic tubes of descending size, to condense evaporated substances in a furnace.
  • Cupel - A shallow cone-shaped crucible with a layer of bone ash, wood ash, or crushed seashells. Used for Cupellation (see Alchemical Processes above).
  • Filters made of heavy paper or cloth. Also used filter paper with colorful bands of sediment from previous experiments.
  • Forge, Furnace or Oven. Alchemists often have many of these in different forms for different purposes.
  • Athanor - a slow-burning, self-feeding furnace
  • Descensory Furnace - built with a funnel on top, intended for heating liquids
  • Gasmask, Filtermask or Plaguedoctor's Mask
  • Glassware in various strange shapes and sizes:
  • Alembic - two (often large) vessels connected by a (narrower) tube
  • Beaker - cylindrical, with a flat bottom and a pouring lip
  • Burette - cylindrical, with a spigot or stopcock at the bottom; used in Titrations
  • Retort - spherical, with an extremely long downward-pointing neck
  • Vial - small glassware to hold liquids or powders
  • Chrusil, Lead, Chrusil-plated Lead, or various experimental nuggets or alloys suggesting success or failure.
  • Alchemist's Symbols; Runestones for Spectra and Purposes
  • Circle with a point at its centre - the alchemical symbol for chrusil; usually drawn on a flat table or the floor
  • Qin'ah's Hieroglyphica - an Unbular specific rune
  • Work of art praising Taphal or Halai
  • Sand Bath, Water Bath, or Dung Bath for keeping items and experiments at temperature, regulating cool-down, etc.
  • Still - More likely to produce dangerous alcohols for cleaning or experimenting than to have tasty homebrew.
  • Tabletop or workspace with a hard and smooth surface, such as granite, marble, or beaten metal.
  • Weighing Scale and/or Balance.

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