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Dragons within the Hero's Guild vary so widely that they are almost impossible to provide any meaningful guide statistically. For game mechanics, it is best to design the dragon characters along with the GM to come up with something that will be fun to play, but won't over power a group of non-dragon adventurers.

Dragons exist on many of the worlds, especially in the Universe of Chaos, connected to the Hero's Guild. What world they come from generally guides the rules for their physical appearance, abilities, societies, and the like. Given below are a few examples of dragons from prominent Hero's Guild worlds.

Dragons of Loar/Velcyan'holarch[edit]

The dragons of these worlds are called Tanniyn. The Tanniyn are originally native to Velcyan'holarch, but migrated to Loar before the Sundering. Currently, only one dragon is known to have survived the Sundering as an egg, but is now a young adult.


On Velcyan'holarch, the dragons are biologically and legally subdivided into almost a hundred distinct breeds. Their law, based on a draconic religious system, does not allow interbreeding. Failure to comply is punishable by death. However, interbreeding is completely possible. The offspring are a unique breed comprising wholly new, and sometimes unpredictable properties often unrelated to either parent.

Their society are led by the noble Tanniyn. They are protected from a race of giants called the Nephanak by the Sideron dragons, giant warriors covered in thick, metal scales.

All Tanniyn have Spectrum Affinity - Chemical.

Dragons of Majarcania[edit]

The dragons of Majarcania are separated into two groups. A small number of Arch-Dragons who are the sires or ancestors to all other regular dragons. The Arch-Dragons are enigmatic and immortal, but do not often overtly interact with the affairs of the mortals. Most are at least the size of a large city.

The four most famous of the Arch-Dragons are Irridescian the Golden Core, Yerthian the Blue Leviathan, Lorhumat - a feathered white dragon near human size, and Bobanthalius the Chromaton Dragon, the father of all dragonkind.


Types of Dragon-Kin[edit]