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Centaurs are long lived-half humanoid, half-equine creatures respected for their wisdom, honor, and free spirits.


Centaurs appear as humanoids from the waist upward.  They have two arms and a singular head.  The skin of the humanoid part may be of any conceivable color, though most tend toward the natural colors of the fairer kinds such as humans, elfs, and the like.  The eyes of a centaur are large and doey, while the ears are of a proportion to the head and like those of a human.  These ears however are somewhat mobile and can be directed toward a sound to some extent, increasing their hearing.  Their hair will match their skin in theme if not in color and it is often long, though longer in the female centaur called centaurides.  This hair is not just attached to the head, but down the neck and back until it reaches the border between humanoid and equine form.

The lower portion of a centaur is like that of horses and closely related equine animals.  There are four powerful legs that are strong enough to carry even large creatures.  The fur of the lower portion is of a theme with the skin tones and hair of the upper portion.  All centaurs have a long tail in which they take great pride. This tail matches the color of their hair.

Average Lifespans:  450 years.


Centaurs live in large groups called bands.  These bands will have one to six stallions, up to ten mares, and any offspring up to 4 years of age.  These therefore can be up to 25 centaurs and beyond.  The more stallions in the band, the larger it is.  The core of the band is the mares who care for and educate the young.  Even if all the stallions are killed, the band will survive with just the mares, though they will often seek a new stallion to protect them.  The highest-ranking stallion will select one mare as his mate, then any other stallions may select his mate in order of ranking.  While centaurs will move on after the death of their mate, they tend toward a monogamous relationship.  The non-mated mares are seen as a way to draw in other stallions to strengthen the band.  The reproductive nature of centaur is binary between male and female.  The stallions are responsible for protecting the band and providing food and shelter when needed.  However, it is the eldest centaur in the band that is the actual leader, whether male or female. Relationships among band members are multifaceted and dependent on multiple factors. Band hierarchy is linear and associated with wisdom and the ability to help the band survive in challenging situations.

When young centaur males, called colts, and unmated centaurides, called fillies, reach 4 years of age, they make a choice to stay with the current band, join another band, or form their own.  Most are encouraged to seek out other bands to prevent inbreeding which is frowned upon if not explicitly prohibited by centaur culture.  A strong colt will typically find another band that has fillies looking to leave and entice one of them for a mate to form the nucleus of his own band.  Sometimes, there are two or three colts from the same or different bands, that are close enough friends that they will form a larger band.

Depending on the world, centaur may be nomadic creatures who care little for the trappings of permanent settings like houses and cities.  Others, however, may have more permanent roots and adapt to the culture and social norms of other kinds around them.  This is often a function of the technological advancement of a given world.

Centaurs love to learn and many are scholars and jacks of all trades. Because of their long life-spans and desire to learn new things, older centaurs are sought out as teachers by other kinds. This love of learning also shows up as hybrid adventurers where a single centaur might be good at physical combat and mysticism.

Base Characteristics[edit]

Average 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 8
Maximum 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 13

Key Characteristic: Wisdom

Base Characteristic Maximums: +3 WIS; +2 Everything else

Free Skill Bonuses (1 BP):

  Pick one of the following: Polearms or Bows

Pick one of the following: Light Armor or Medium Armor

Pick three Knowledge Skills.

Traits & Foibles:

 Keen Sense: Hearing - +4 to all skills involving hearing.

Sense of Duty (Protect the Band)

Sense of Honor

These Traits and Foibles do not count toward the Slot total.

As Heroes[edit]

Centaurs, especially colts and fillies looking to form a band or prove themselves, will often seek adventure, even to the point of seeking out other kinds to form a kind of band with. These creatures may either offer to serve as a mount as a matter of course and practicality for the group or take offense at being reduced to a mere animal in the eyes of their companions. This is solely dependent on the culture of the world. Centaurs, especially the more mature of the kind, serve as knowledgeable advisors and even leaders of the group. They are also powerful as a cavalry unit, charging the front lines, or as spellcasters and healers.