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Feldae are a race of humanoid creatures with natural magical aptitude. Though morally free-willed, on many worlds they have been sought out by Eldritch forces and corrupted. Those who oppose this either flee, are enslaved, or are outright killed.


They tend to appear as near perfect human specimens with great athleticism and beauty. However, there are unmistakable differences. Instead of melanin for coloring, they have an alternate pigment called felanin. This pigment gives them high-frequency coloring from bluish-green all the way to violet, and sometimes jet black in their skin, hair, and eyes. Their ears are also pointed at the lobes rather than the tips. Sunlight tends to enhance these colors, darkening them and making them more vibrant. Feldae who spend too many months or years out of direct sunlight grow pale and can develop illnesses related to vitamin deficiencies.

Feldae are conceived with magical abilities, providing distinct benefits to the mother who carries them during their 47 week gestation period (tied to the Feldae Realm's lunar cycles). After birth, specific magical abilities manifest within the child. Within a few weeks, the child knows how to speak some small words of power connected to Feldae magic.

Feldae do not age once they mature into an adult. Most die in combat or through lack of an Eldritch source to feed their addiction.


While Feldae is a biological kind, they also rule over the monster kinds trapped with them in the Feldae Realm by the Eld. Collectively they are therefore all referred to as the Feldae, though most are not technically of that kind.

Average 8 8 12 8 7 5 5 6 5
Maximum 13 13 17 13 12 10 10 11 10

Character Creation[edit]

Key Characteristic: Constitution

Base Characteristic Maximums: +3 AGL; +3 BEA; +7 CON; +3 INT; +2 PRC; +1 STR

Free Skill Bonuses (BP):

Pick 6 of the following skills for free (1 free BP):

  • Alchemy
  • Crafting: War Engines
  • Herbalism
  • Hunting
  • Knowledge (Story Specific - may have multiple)
  • Espionage
  • Government
  • Intimidation
  • Interrogation
  • Investigation
  • Perform
  • Streetwise
  • Survival
  • Track
  • Balance
  • Climb
  • Dodge
  • Stealth

Traits & Foibles:

  • Immunity to Aging
  • Initiative
  • Keen Sight - Feldae are able to see into the infrared and ultraviolet spectrums giving them the ability to see even in complete natural darkness as if it were day and five times as far in normal lighting conditions.
  • Last Battle
  • Regeneration - Feldae regenerate 2 LIFE/Turn. Arcane and Cold prevent.
  • Spectrum Affinity - Eldritch
  • Addiction - Eldritch Magic - Roll 3d10 to determine the strength of the compulsion each time it is encountered. The opposing check is 1d10+WIS. Feldae who do not partake in some form of Eldritch magic at least once per day begin to grow sick. They lose one Maximum LIFE/Day until they die or find a steady supply of Eldritch magic. The restoration process is equivalent to 1 LIFE/20 Eldritch Aid or other effect cast on them. Also, for each day they do not partake in Eldritch magic, the strength of the compulsion to partake gains a cumulative 1.
  • Poor Sense - Touch - Feldae are relatively desensitized to touch and though they still feel it, its finer effects are diminished.
  • Weakness - Arcane - Arcane magic also prevents regeneration.

These Traits and Foibles do not count toward the Slot total.

As Heroes[edit]

Heroes of the Feldae are outcasts in their society except those few places where the society is not corrupted. Feldae who choose the hard road of righteousness, or at least reject outright evil, eschew magic and fight daily against the draw of Eldritch magic. These men and women will serve as fighters, scouts, bodyguards, bounty hunters, or their most favorite: dungeoneer. Because of their kinds' reputation, most Feldae find it difficult to work in dense civilization. If they work in mixed groups, they often have to work harder to earn trust among their peers. Yet choosing this path demands they find trustworthy friends if nothing else than to provide a buffer when they run into other of their kind.