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Goblins are crafty merchants, tinkers, alchemists, tradesmen, and henchmen of the Unbular world. Their small statures are made up for by huge personalities. In some worlds, however, goblins are simply tribal primitives that raid outlying farms and small towns of the more civilized kinds.


Goblin male and females are short humanoids in stature comparable to paidion. This is where the similarity ends. Goblins have long, comically floppy ears that take up most of the sides of their heads, prominent noses of various shapes, and wide, squat heads. Males tend to have a small amount of wiry hair on top of their heads and coming from their ears. Females have thick manes of flamboyant colors, some of which are even natural. Goblins are seen as spindly in build, but they are deceptively strong for their size. Their skin is typically green, bluish-grey, or dark red like clay. However, there have been other breeds with widely varying skin colors. All goblins have eyes that match their skin color in hue but are very dark so that they appear black in all but the brightest of lights.

Preferring to go barefoot, goblins have wide, tough feet able to walk on any standard terrain without pain. They have excellent balance, keen sight and hearing, and meticulous attention to detail.

Goblins live an average of 120 years.



Goblins from Loar are part of the larger kind of creatures called Unbular. They can interbreed with other Unbular and produce a variety of breeds, though goblin to goblin breeding almost always produces a goblin. Goblins are promiscuous and free in their associations when not bound by outside influences. However, like most humanoids, they are actually binary in gender with regard to reproduction.

In Unbular society, goblins are rarely leaders and prefer it that way. Those with less renown attach themselves to more powerful Unbular in order to gain notoriety and wealth for themselves. For those who have the skills or who have put in their time and amassed their wealth licking the boots of others, there is freedom to pursue personal goals in life. Many are skilled craftsmen especially in areas that most others would hesitate to work in or even shun. Some have even reason to influential positions within Unbular society as a whole.


Wild goblins such as those found on Majarcania, are less structured in their society. When uninfluenced by other so-called 'monster' kinds, they are tribal, primitive, and will generally only raid the more civilized kinds when scarcity arises. More likely, though, goblin tribes are brought under the control of a more powerful creature such as a hobgoblin, bugbear, or ogres to serve as cannon fodder in the incessant wars these creatures wage against each other and especially the more civilized races such as humans, elves, and dwarves.

Wild goblins have the same potential as Unbular goblins, and should they be brought into civilized contexts, they can be taught and will take to crafting and the like just as easily as the goblins of Loar.

Base Characteristics[edit]

Average 6 4 7 5 6 7 5 5 3
Maximum 11 9 12 10 11 12 10 10 10

Character Creation[edit]

Key Characteristic: Personality

Base Characteristic Minimums: AGL 2; CON 3; PRC 2; PRS 3 Base Characteristic Maximums: +1 AGL; -1 BEA; +2 CON; +1 PRC; +2 PRS

Skill Bonuses:

Goblins may take any 1 Crafting Skill for free that makes sense to their backstory. They gain +4 TP in that skill.

Lowered XP Threshold: The above skill only requires 4 XP to gain Trained Points instead of 5.

Traits & Foibles:

Goblins have the following Traits and Foibles:

  • Resistance - Toxins, Poisons, Diseases
  • Keen Sense - Sight, Hearing, Smell - Goblins gain a +5 bonus to any Sense roll or any skill checks involving hearing or smelling (e.g. Track).
  • Prodigy - Crafting Skills
  • Bad Temper
  • Miserly

These Traits and Foibles do not count toward the Slot total.

As Heroes[edit]

Goblins as heroes and adventurers tend toward either powerful groups that can shield them from danger while they strike from the shadows and sneak about or groups of high intelligence where craftiness is valued. Small and often missed in the presence of larger companions, goblins are excellent scouts, assassins, and dungeoneers.