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Intangi (Soul)[edit]

Intangi are ghostly Fey connected to the elemental spectrum of Soul. They are rare, shy creatures with strange powers.


Intangi - intangia for females; intangeos for males - are whispy, almost invisible Fey of slightly smaller than paidion size. They have little connection to the Prime Realm with only a few material molecules keeping their spirits anchored to it. These molecules are protected by intense mystical shields such that it is easier to attack them astrally than physically.

To those of the Prime Realm, Intangi appear as faint, white apparition in the shape of a winged humanoid. Those able to see into the Spirit Realm see Fey of shining white and arguril to blood red and obsidian with shades in between. Those of the shining white are the most common. Their coloring reflects their moral purity.

Intangi rarely seek to interact with the Prime Realm, but on occasion are called into it by some quest. Those who do will find a willing host to possess for a time, or will find a way to manifest in the Prime Realm as matter. Those who do the latter are extremely vulnerable to physical attacks. Furthermore, manifesting into the Physical Realm makes them susceptible to temptations they would otherwise ignore without their physical bodies.

Intangi can mate with other physical creatures, but only through physical manifestation. It is considered a sin most heinous to do so while possessing a host, even if that host is willing. Such an offspring will be of the host and the mate, not the Intangi. For those who mate while physically manifested, if it is an intangia, the child will always be Intangi. If it is male, there is a thirty percent chance the child will be born intangi. This is often a frightening experience for the mother as such a child will be born manifested, but within a year their body will fade to nothing. Though the child will still continue to visit the mother, the relationship is usually strained because of such pronounced differences in their existences. Most often, Intangi mate with their own kind. This process is one where the two creatures cast off all physical connections, unite as a single supersoul for perhaps a moment, perhaps years sharing their life experiences, goals, and minds. When they separate, a third soul breaks off, a tiny mind with the lingering emotions of those shared experiences, but free of will to pursue their own goals.

Intangi have such little connection to the Prime Realm that they have indefinite lifespans. When an Intangi tires of the temporal existence, they simply decide to move on to the afterlife and cease to exist in the Prime Realm. Most will give warning to their Prime Realm companions. Their friends and relatives in the Spirit Realm will already be aware of the Intangi's intentions as soon as the Intangi has them.

Average Lifespan: Determined by will of individual.


Fey are natives of Loar, but their divergence into the various separate cultures did not occur until after the Sundering. This was largely due to the divergent associations of the elemancers.

Intangi hover at the edges of Fey society. Their collective goal is to prevent any breed of Fey or all of them collectively to be drawn into evil, particularly the machinations of the Antangir. Antangir are Intangi who have succumbed to the forces of evil and been corrupted. They seek to bring all Fey into the darkness with them. The Intangi work ever to prevent this, though they often interact only sparingly with their kinsmen.

When greater evils threaten the whole world, Intangi will expand their protective work to whatever seems to be the most effective point for their efforts. Few enough to begin with, a continent-wide threat or larger usually spreads them so thin that the Antangir corrupt many Fey to their side.

Base Characteristics[edit]

Average 5 9 2 5 8 4 10 2 6
Maximum 10 14 7 10 13 9 15 7 11

Character Creation[edit]

Key Characteristic: Spirit

Base Characteristic Maximums: +4 BEA; -3 CON; +3 PRC; -1 PRS; +5 SPI; -3 STR; +1 WIS

Skill Bonuses:

Intangi gain 1 free BP in the following skills at creation:

  • Spirit Spectrum
  • Defense Purpose

Traits & Foibles:

The following are granted to Intangi without using Trait Slots:

  • Intangible - Cannot be touched by physical means; only affected by spells with the Astral Caster trait or Spirit Spectrum; cannot physically interact with the material world except to speak; this trait does not function when Intangi manifest.
  • Manifest - Intangi have the ability to manifest into physical form. This form only has several major distinctions from their regular, spirit form: The Intangible trait, the Possession trait, and Weakness - Spirit foible do not function. The manifested form has diaphanous wings capable of 5m/Player Turn speed.
  • Sense of Duty to Fey - all Fey feel a sense of family and duty to help other Fey. This sense of duty tends to cause them to hesitate or make different choices than others might make if they know a fellow Fey, especially another Sylph is in trouble. Attempts to take actions contrary to this Sense of Duty suffer a -5 to their roll. Attempts to harm another Fey suffer a -10. (-2)
  • Weakness - Spirit: Intangi take double effects from all negative magical Spirit effects.
  • Flight - Intangi are almost always aloft and fly at 20m/Player Turn.
  • Resistant to Eldritch
  • Spectrum Affinity - Spirit
  • Possession - Intangi may take possession of a target living creature, but only Antangir will do so to a target that is unwilling. When in possession of a target, an Intangi looses their Weakness to Spirit and Flight, unless their host can fly - in which case they use the host's Flight ability. They may also use any skills their host allows, knowing instinctively which skills these are. Intangi may take possession of a willing target for a number of hours equal to the Intangi's SPI. However, if the proper spells are done beforehand, (Spirit + Transformation) then the Intangi can stay as long as the host is willing. If for some reason the host becomes unwilling, but the Intangi has good reason to remain in the host, then the Intangi rolls SPI+Transformation versus the hosts Spirit Resistance. If the Intangi wins, they can stay up to a number of minutes equal to the difference in the rolls. An Intangi can always leave their host at any time at will.

To learn more about Antangir and forced possession, see the Antangir entry in the Creature Codex.

These Traits and Foibles do not count toward the Slot total.

As Heroes[edit]

For the few Intangi that see the need to step away from the Fey world and don the mantel of hero, they provide a powerful asset that is unlike most others. This uniqueness gives them an edge that greatly benefits the party, especially those made up of truly good people. Intangi make great scouts, spies, and guides as well as crowd control.