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The largest of the Unbular, Ogres are the shock troops of the Unbular kind.


Ogres are a massive Unbular breed towering up to 8' high or greater. They serve as frontline fighters and are capable of taking an extraordinary amount of punishment before succumbing. Sometimes mistaken for stupid, Ogres are actually as smart as humans, though some are susceptible to rages if well provoked.

Ogres may have green skin like most of their Unbular relatives, but some are known to have grey skin. The green-skins have thin, wiry black hair on their bodies and oily strings of black hair on their heads. Grey-skins have a light grey fur covering their limbs, torso, and face. They have charcoal-colored hair that is more human-like.

Ogre women are slimmer but still far more muscular that most other kinds. They are considered exotically beautiful by most kinds and can reproduce with most of them. Ogres are binary in their reproductive process, but may switch mates to whichever is the strongest until they conceive their first child. At that point, the ogres consider themselves to be wedded and remain monogamous.

Ogres live an average of 80 years.


Many ogres choose professions that rely on the great physical strength they are so well known for such as armoragon or some other class of fighter. A number of monster hunting barbarian clans are comprised largely of ogres. A small few ogres have taken up sorcery or wizardy, but these generally relate poorly to the rest of their kind and do not associate with them much.

Ogres are strongly matriarchal as a society as they place great stock in beauty. Ogre women tend to be pleasant to look on (even for other humanoid kinds) and are on average wiser than their male counterparts. Ogre men are oft-times violent and driven by their aggressive emotions. Women bear the children and even raise them, but they run the household and have authority over their husbands whom they are able to calm through pheremones and will. Many ogre women can be found in leadership roles within the larger Unbular society.

Base Characteristics[edit]


Typical ogres are physically imposing, with the females being slightly higher in Beauty, Intelligence, and Wisdom on average than the males. The male/female ratios are given together in the following table.

Average 3 5/6 9 4/6 6 4 5 9 5/6
Maximum 8 10/13 15 10 11 10 10 18 10/11

Ogre Mage[edit]

Ogre mages are considered "runts" though they are well respected by Unbular society. Their physical bodies are nothing to scoff at but not nearly as strong as the rest of their breed. Instead, their minds and spirit develop well beyond other of their breed.

Average 5 6 6 8 6 5 7 6 6
Maximum 9 11 11 15 11 10 13 12 11

Character Creation[edit]


Key Characteristic: Strength and Constitution

Base Characteristic Maximums: -2 AGL; ^+3 BEA; +5 CON; +1 PRC; +8 STR; ^+1 WIS

^Female only.

Skill Bonuses (BP):

+5 TP to the following as soon as the skill is learned:

  • 2H Melee
  • Heavy Armor
  • Survival

Lowered XP Threshold: The above skills only require 4 XP to gain Trained Points instead of 5.

Traits & Foibles:

  • Brave
  • Last Battle or Multifighter

These Traits and Foibles do not count toward the Slot total.

Ogre Mage[edit]

Key Characteristic: Intelligence and Spirit

Base Characteristic Maximums: -1 AGL; +1 BEA; +1 CON; +5 INT; +1 PRC; +3 SPI; +2 STR; +1 WIS

Skill Bonuses (BP):

+5 TP to the following as soon as the skill is learned:

  • Any 1 Deep Spectrum
  • Any 1 Purpose
  • Knowledge: Arcane

Lowered XP Threshold: Chose one of the above skills. That skill only requires 4 XP to gain Trained Points instead of 5.

Traits & Foibles:

  • Encumbered Caster

This Foible does not count toward the Slot total.

As Heroes[edit]

Ogres often serve as hard laborers given that their strength is so much greater than the rest. Considered not as bright as some, they are condescended to, often. Yet when the call to serve the Unbular, or any society they deem themselves a part of, comes, Ogres will always step up. Many Ogres will take on the role of fighter or armoragon, drawing attention to themselves while their companions tactically thin the ranks of their opponents. Ogres are steadfast, and loyal companions and are often quick to forgive insults and slights. However, if they ever perceive they are being used, their loyalty quickly turns and they become dreadful enemies.

Ogre mages are rarely seen in adventuring companies. Seen as a rare resource in Ogre society (and Unbular society at large), they are kept home to assist the town or clan. When one does happen into the wilds where adventure takes place, there is usually a specific reason that they keep to themselves. Ogre mages are powerful in the Deep Spectra, especially Arcane and favor the Enchant Purpose. They are often External Casters and subtle support to the group rather than damage dealers or healers.