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The Geomancer is a mage who wields the power of the earth, metal, and crystal. Geomancers are one of the most practical and versatile of all mages. Their magic can be used in architecture, shaping weapons and armor, crafting vehicles of all kinds, crafting tools, or in combat. Geomancers are one of the few mage classes that can tank.

Basic Skill: Mysticism

Source: Inner Spirit (MYR Recommended)

Must Take Foible: Opaque Mind - Earth Only

Below are recommended minimums for building an Geomancer. Characteristics or Skills not listed are not prohibited, but not considered essential to an Geomancer build.

Characteristic Minimums[edit]

CON 10 - Constitution is the basis for Earth spectrum magic. It is also the Primary Characteristic for Aid and Defense, two of Earth magic's go-to Purposes. CON is also used to calculate LIFE, so a high CON means more LIFE and better tanking.

STR 8 - Strength is the PC for the Attack Purpose. Since Geomancers can wear metal armor without penalty to their spellcasting, a higher STR is also needed to wear heavier armors which are used in tanking. If the Geomancer is not tanking and/or not Attacking with their spells much, they may not need as high a STR.

SPI 10 - Spirit is used to calculate LIFE, so a high SPI means more LIFE and better tanking. If a Geomancer chooses not to be a tank, they may not need as much SPI. A high SPI is also useful if the Geomancer is using Summon or Transformation Purposes a lot.

Total = 28


Typically, a Geomancer will tend towards skills based in above recommended Characteristics, especially those based in Constitution, Strength, and Spirit.

Melee Combat - Geomancers feel at home with metal weapons and armor as extensions of their magic. Getting up close and personal with touch magical spells is a staple right next to hammers.

Ranged Combat - While Geomancers may tank, some choose to be a more standard mage, casting from behind others wearing the armor and shields. If this is the case, they will need the following Skills.

  • Ranged Magic Attack (RMA)
  • Thrown Weapons

Physical Defense

  • Any Armor (must be stone, metal, or crystal).

Mysticism - The heart of the Geomancer is Mysticism. One simply cannot be an Geomancer without this skill.

  • Spectrum: Earth
  • Purposes:
    • Aid
    • Attack
    • Defense
    • Summon
    • Transformation

Crafting - Crafting skills will be central to the Geomancer who is already good with many of the materials used in crafting.

  • Crafting: Artifice (All)
  • Crafting: Farming
  • Crafting: Gemology
  • Crafting: Mining/Smelting
  • Crafting: Pottery
  • Crafting: Smithing

Knowledge - While INT is not a priority for Geomancers, some may focus on it to specialize in Knowledge Skills as there are several that come natural to those who wield the power of Earth.

  • Appraisal
  • Dungeoneering
  • Electronics
  • Navigation (underground)
  • Science
  • Starship: Engineering
  • Terrain

Movement - With a high CON, Geomancers are not so much about moving as they are being good at resisting it.

  • Burrowing
  • Climb
  • Concentration
  • Mechanics
  • Piloting (Land)
  • Ride (Land)

Social - Geomancers do not focus much on the Social skills as a group. Like Movement, they are better at resisting Social "attacks" than anything else. Most Geomancers will use their mystical power to add these skills.

  • Defiance
  • Forgery (coins, etc.)
  • Sense
  • Survival
  • Tactics
  • Track

Combat Equipment[edit]

  • Any Armor (must be Stone, Metal, Crystal)
  • Any Melee Weapons (must be Stone, Metal, Crystal)
  • Any Thrown Weapons (must be Stone, Metal, Crystal)

Traits and Foibles[edit]

These Traits are a recommended list for Geomancers to choose from that would be particularly beneficial to Geomancers. They are not limited to the non-Mystical Traits listed. Mystical Traits in italics are limited to the Earth Spectrum:

  • Blind Fighting
  • Brave
  • Defensive Fighter Stance
  • Even Tempered
  • Immunity/Resistance: Air, Water, or Fire
  • Independently Wealthy
  • Inner Compass
  • Keen Sense: Touch
  • Mazecrawler
  • Prodigy: Mysticism
  • Armored Spellcaster
  • Empower Earth
  • Enlarge Earth
  • Extend Earth
  • Maximize Earth
  • Mystical Energy Reserve (MYR)
  • Earth Affinity
  • Widen Earth

Regular Foibles are unlimited for Geomancers based on the player's preferences. Mystical Foibles in italics are limited to those listed below:

  • Encumbered Caster
  • Weakness: Air, Fire
  • Backfire
  • Complex Gestures: Earth
  • Depowered Spectrum: Earth
  • Expensive Spectrum: Earth
  • Extended Time: Earth
  • Limited MYR
  • Minimize Spectrum: Earth
  • Narrowed Spectrum: Earth
  • Opaque Mind: Earth Only
  • Opposed Spectrum: Air
  • Quick Burn Spectrum: Earth
  • Reduced Spectrum: Earth
  • Tongue-tied

Incarnate - Geomancers who never cast a spell of any other spectrum and reach 100 in Total Skill Bonus (TSB) in Earth can make a pact with the Realm of Earth and become Incarnate, the living embodiment of Earth-based magic.

Notable Geomancers[edit]

Shadowstone - Hero's Guild Director

Shale - New Guild Director


  • Cestrial Fractalmyth
  • Camadon
  • Lithanatos

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