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Wyverns are a kind of dragon-kin that are considered sentient, but not as intelligent as their larger cousins. Wyverns are often vicious and some are even cruel and prefer to be alone.


Like all dragon-kin, wyverns are warm-blooded but otherwise varied in their form. Some have feathers, others scales or thick, leathery hides. All wyverns have two powerful hind legs and a pair of wings. Some have no forelegs to speak of while others have a rudimentary set of claws instead of a single alar phalange at the end of the ulna draconis. Wyverns are typically tied to a particular spectrum, though mixed-breeding has produced many interesting hybrids.

In addition to their spectrum-based energy weapon, most wyverns have an additional weapon on their tail. The most common types are barbed hooks, poison stingers, and acid spitters, but many will have a tail weapon that is related in some way to their spectrum. One rare kinder wyvern breed actually has a healing salve secreted from feathery fronds that can be retracted into its tail tip.


Wyverns are solitary individuals except for mating time. They hunt within a few kilometers of their lairs and do not care to range beyond that. Like most dragon-kin, wyverns like treasure, but they are content to wait for it to come to them, to accept tribute, or to get paid for services. Dragons often hire wyverns to patrol at the outer edges of their domain, allowing them to hunt in the small radius of their lair to keep the lesser annoyances from approaching any closer.

During mating season - which differs depending on type and climate - wyverns will congregate in a traditional locale, usually secluded with game that has not been hunted since before the last mating season. There will be fighting among the males and females until a sorting of strongest to weakest is discovered. There are no rules, but scholars who have survived observing these rituals say it is something like a tournament cage match with no rules. Some wyverns, usually the weakest, may even die. The bloodsport will last until there are no more challenges, then the strongest wyvern, male or female, will select their mate. Then the next strongest without a mate and so on until there are none left that wish to choose. Those not chosen and who see none they wish to choose that are weaker than they will slink off to nurse bruised egos and real wounds until the next mating cycle, often years. Wyverns with mates will spend one week with their partner. The female lays the eggs near her own lair and may keep an eye on them until they hatch. The hatchlings will drive each other out until there is only one remaining in the nest. If it becomes too bothersome for the mother, she will eventually drive it off, too. These new wyverns are forced to make their way alone. Those foolish enough to approach civilized lands are often killed.

Average 9 5 8 5 6 4 5 7 5
Maximum 14 10 13 10 11 9 10 12 10

Character Creation[edit]

Key Characteristic: Agility

Base Characteristics: +4 AGL; +3 CON; +1 PRC; -1 PRS; +2 STR

Free Skill Bonuses (BP): Flying, Hunting, Senses

Traits & Foibles:

  • Energy Weapon - Usually in the form of a breath weapon, the wyvern has some form of spectrum-based weapon that it can emit against other targets. This weapon is generally either ray or cone-shaped (regardless of Aspects learned) with a range of Short.
  • Tail Appendage - All wyverns have some form of tail appendage, most of which do some kind of attack. It is up to the player or GM to determine what this tail appendage does and how often it can be used.
  • Resistance (3) - All wyverns are resistant to negative effects from their own spectrum.
  • Keen Senses (3) - Wyverns have double sight range, can hunt at night as in daylight though they need some light to see, and have discerning olfactory senses that can distinguish if natural poisons are present by scent alone.
  • Weakness (+4) - Wyverns take double negative effect from their opposing spectrum; opposing spectrum prevents regeneration.

As Heroes[edit]

Few wyverns have the patience or personality to handle being part of a team or acting selflessly. There are a few exceptions. Each wyvern may become a part of an adventuring party for their own reasons. Some will even serve as intelligent mounts. To earn the loyalty of a wyvern gains a powerful ally. More often than not, a wyvern will adventure until its goal is met then leave. The manner of that leaving depends on how it was treated by the party and its own disposition and moral compass.

A rare few wyverns are raised from an egg by heroes to serve as mounts and companions and even friends. These wyverns do not experience the kill or die society feral wyverns grow up in and tend more towards true friendship. These wyverns are seen as weak slaves by feral wyverns and are often brutally attacked to set an example.


Types of Dragon-Kin[edit]